Anything is Possibl

Way back in 2012 Woodrow Mercer were a relatively new Recruitment Agency who had a primary focus in the Public Sector and Technology markets. During that year we had a client approach us, asking if we could assist in the recruitment of an Instructional Designer. “Sure” we said, not having a single clue what an Instructional Designer was.

It was that initial request that led us to discover the digital learning industry, and it didn’t take us long to realise that this wasn’t going to be a one off, but instead we had been fortunate enough to stumble across an entire market that we could focus our efforts on!

And so, Woodrow Mercer Learning was born. At first headed up by Scott Slade, who took to the industry like a duck to water, quickly establishing himself as a “go to” recruiter across the industry for clients’ looking to increase their permanent head count. Soon the team grew to support the demand for contract and freelance requirements, and so the team expanded, and the name Woodrow Mercer became synonymous with learning recruitment.

Fast forward 10 years’ and you won’t find Woodrow Mercer Learning on the internet: Today we are Possibl. After continuous growth and the development of new markets it feels like the team and the expertise that we offer has outgrown our original moniker. It was time to re-brand and we thought it was time to re-establish on the services and ethos that we bring to the market.

From our beginnings as a Digital Learning recruitment agency, we now boast the capabilities to support clients across much wider markets including, L&D, OD, Talent, HR, UX / UI, Graphic Design and Animation. We have a team of dedicated consultants who focus specifically on each market space supporting both permanent and contract hire.

The dictionary definition of possible is:


1. 1. able to be done or achieved.

And that is our mindset going into any recruitment engagement. Our new name, Possibl, reflects our ability to achieve and deliver for our customers and candidates. In the last two years alone, Possibl have significantly increased its turnover and grown in market share, as well as service offering. The new brand identity reflects Possibl’s growth in size and presence.

Our deep understanding of each specialist market allows us to fully understand both the need and culture of our clients’ and tailoring accordingly, with very high levels of success.

In addition, we have a dedicated team of Candidate Consultants who make it their job to understand the aspirations of anyone looking to progress their career so that they can offer support and advice throughout any recruitment process.

With market demand at an all-time peak, we continue to offer the highest possible level of service to both clients and candidates and are proud to have weathered the covid storm and come out on the other side stronger, more resilient, and more compassionate about the service that we provide.

In addition to our ongoing recruitment support, we are a proud industry partner to the Learning Network, love supporting the industry by hosting events where possible and look forward to getting as much face time in with friends old and new as the world continues to return to normal!

Our Team would all like to share some personal insight into recruitment…

Scott Slade, Director
My advice to anybody looking for their next venture in the market would be transparency from the outset in terms of what you’re looking for. This could be the package, job role, culture fit or important working conditions that need to be considered to the induvial or organisation. So many times, we see the goalposts being moved towards the end of process which breaks down months of hard work between candidate / clients because key factors haven’t been considered in the early stages of the process. Everybody’s time is precious and setting clear expectations from the start can dictate whether this really is the right opportunity for YOU.

Sam Dyde, Associate Director, (contract / freelance hire – Digital Learning and L&OD)
Accurate budgeting is key to the successful delivery of projects! The demand for contract support has never been higher, and as a result day rate costs for talented contractors has increased. Make sure that you are aware of associated hiring costs at the planning stage of projects so that you can budget accordingly!

Stephen Broadley, Associate Director (permanent hire – L&D, Talent and OD)
Tailor your CV to reflect skills/experience you have which are required for the role. Leverage your networks – ex colleagues, suppliers, LinkedIn, professional communities you’re part of as well as specialist recruiters. Be clear about what you love doing at work and what is important to you about an organisation. Think about your non-negotiables then where you are prepared to compromise to land your dream role. Prepare well, be curious, actively listen and answer questions as directly as you can. If it’s a virtual meeting – ensure you look at the camera when talking, the space is well lit and you’re in full view to maximise rapport with your interviewer/s.

Toby Poxton, Consultant (permanent hire, Digital Learning, Learning Technologies)
Recruitment is always a two-way street, as a candidate in a very sought-after market, never lose sight of this. L&D is individual to a lot of businesses with how teams operate, the technology they use and the strategies they implement so always go into an interview with questions that you need to know to help ensure it’s the right fit for your experience, ideas, and personal developments.

Libby Evans, Consultant (contract / freelance hire – UX /UI)
Job hunting can be hard work! The best thing you can do to battle the struggles & stresses of searching for a new role is by remembering the 3 p’s; be patient, positive, and persevere. Recruitment/job hunting is a world of unknowns but by sticking with these basic principles, doors will always open for you.

Alyss Neville, Senior Account Manager (permanent hire – L&D, Talent and OD)
Think about what you really want a company to offer you regarding your long-term career goals, and make sure that they align to your expectations. To gain insight into this ask your interviewers why they like working for the company and what has made them stay in their position. Also find out whether your direct manager is going to be a leader and a mentor.

Caitlin O’Donnell, Candidate Consultant (contract / freelance hire – Digital Learning)
Wherever possible have relevant portfolio examples available to showcase to potential clients at interview stage. With the market being so competitive now, real life examples of what you bring to the table can really promote your application over any competition.

Lucy Richards, Account Manager (permanent hire – UX / UI)
Take your time and prepare! Discuss exactly what you are looking for with your chosen recruiter, nail down the finer details. Spend time making your CV the best representation of yourself and your experience that it could be, at the end of the day it’s the handshake of the interview process. Take time to learn about roles that you wouldn’t conventionally see as your next step, take onboard advice and reflect on interview feedback to continually improve your technique. You are your own competition in the race to your dream role make sure you give yourself the best start possibl.

Paris Hewitt, Account Manager (permanent / contract hire – UX / UI)
Create your own online career brand and utilise LinkedIn for networking and to understand the business you are looking to join. Be clear on what you want from your career and always have examples to share and back up your skills and experience.

Sophie Keight, Candidate Consultant (permanent hire – L&D, Talent and OD)
Always be open to a conversation, you have nothing to lose- only a better opportunity to gain!

Chloe Keight, Candidate Consultant (contract hire – UX, UI)
Always have a work work-life balance. No matter how busy work is, you still need to have time for the things you enjoy in life. Whether that being spending time with your family, exercising, or exploring, squeeze at least an hour in a day to looking after yourself!