eLN Connect reflections

Our annual conference, held on 20th November was a great success! A huge thank you to the organisers – directors, Hayley (conference organiser) and Rowan (admin). We had 175 highly engaged attendees, speakers and sponsors on the day, and there was a real buzz about the event. We’ve received lots of positive feedback already:

“I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say how much I enjoyed the connect event. It was a great line up and it was evident how much work had gone into to making it run so well.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the many conversations I had and the thought-provoking sessions. I’ve still got a lot of reflecting to do, but two key take aways for me so far:
(1) design in such a way that helps the user to take responsibility for their own learning, and (2) ensure that the resources we create are ‘just in time’, ‘just enough’, and ‘just for me’.”

“Key takeaways for me included “so, what?”, the importance of data driven learning and also the amazing possibilities of virtual reality as a learning tool.”

“A fantastic, entertaining day filled with the utmost value. Congratulations on a hugely successful event!”

“Well organised and some fantastic discussions! I have a lot more reflecting to do before it all sinks in! Thanks to the eLN Board for all their hard work and service!”

“My first time at eLearning Network event… great experience with sense of community in the room and lot of expertise.”

“Excellent day, great speakers and though provoking discussions. Looking forward to the next event.”

“Please spare your thoughts for those who work with me and had to interact with me today after attending #elnconnect2019 yesterday, meaning I am over stimulated and talking 100mph faster than usual with all the ideas popping out my head! ? Many thanks to the organisers, speakers, exhibitors and all those people I met for the thoughtful and fun times. #inspired”

“May I just say how tremendously impressive the event was! Really you have reached a point where there is no event in L&D in the UK, let alone learning tech, where the quality is so high and which has such a wonderful mixture of warmth and generosity alongside sharply critical, informed and serious thinking.”

If you were there and haven’t yet given us your feedback and suggestions for next year’s conference, follow this link to the post-event survey.