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Experiential and Blended Learning 3.0: Crafting Immersive Learning Programmes with Extended Reality

June 12 @ 15:30 - 16:30


Join us for an engaging webinar led by the innovative minds behind ARuVR, as we delve into the next generation of learning experiences!  Learning is at a pivotal juncture. Over the past few years, we’ve transitioned from traditional classroom settings to virtual meetings, from paper-based resources to eLearning modules. Despite these shifts, has the essence of learning truly evolved?

This webinar embraces the spirit of disruption. As learning professionals, maintaining our relevance requires us to become the catalysts of change. L&D and HR leaders are challenged to find new ways to recruit, engage, upskill, and retain their workforce. Traditional training methods are no longer effective.

 During this seminar, Mehdi will demonstrate how Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) are solving some of the key L&D challenges. One effective way to achieve this is by aligning learning strategies with core business operations.

We will adopt a workshop approach, exploring how to craft learning experiences through a practical, hands-on mentality.

What you would learn!

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to integrate XR into your training programmes: Discover how VR, AR, and MR can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing training frameworks to create immersive and engaging learning experiences.
  • How to enhance engagement and retention: Learn techniques to leverage XR technologies to boost learner engagement and improve knowledge retention, making training more effective and memorable.
  • How to develop scalable XR training solutions: Understand how to design and implement XR training programmes that can be easily scaled to meet the needs of a growing workforce.
  • How to overcome XR implementation challenges: Gain insights into addressing technical, logistical, and financial challenges associated with XR deployment, ensuring a smooth transition to immersive learning technologies.

Mehdi will explore the transformative capabilities of XR learning technologies and their impact on the learning landscape. Through use cases, he will illustrate how XR learning is revolutionising training in different sectors, enhancing engagement, understanding, and learning retention to fundamentally change the learning experience.

Mehdi will also address some of the challenges he has encountered, including technical, logistical, and financial hurdles, the development of necessary capabilities, and the importance of ongoing support.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your approach to learning and development with the power of extended reality. Join us and be part of the disruption!

About the host

Mehdi Daoudi is Chief Revenue Officer at ARuVR, the world’s first Extended Reality (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality) learning solution for enterprises. Prior to joining ARuVR, Mehdi has spent 15 years in the Learning & Development industry consulting with a broad range of organisations across the globe and through partnering with them to deliver impactful learning experiences that engage their people and help them acquire the skills and knowledge they need. At ARuVR, we believe in blended learning 3.0; a mixture of classroom, digital content and immersive solutions.