How many videos do you think you watch in a day?

Whether it's in our social media feeds or just advertisements embedded in websites we consume a lot of video content. Some research suggests over 2.5 hours per day in 2020, compared with 1.5 hours per day in 2018.

We see video used so much because it engages us. It can influence and persuade us. It makes us feel something. It sticks. That’s part of what makes it such a great tool for learning.

The trouble is video isn’t the cheapest type of resource to create. You can expect to pay around £7000 for a 90-second animated explainer video. That really starts to add up if you need a library of bite-size video resources.

You could create your video in-house of course, but there’s the cost of a software licence to consider along with the time and cost associated with learning to use it.

So what if you could create an animated video for free, without having to learn how to use a new programme or app? Working in the charity sector on a tight budget, that’s certainly music to my ears.

If that sounds pretty exciting to you too, join me on this webinar to find out how you can do just that. We’re going to use PowerPoint to create your very own animated video.

We’ll look at how to plan out your video, where to find image and audio assets, and how to use animations and transitions for maximum effect. You don’t have to create your video during the webinar of course. You can sit back and watch along for now and put it all into practice later. But where’s the fun in that?

As long as you’ve got PowerPoint on your device, you’re all set. So bring yourself, a mince pie and a hot beverage of your choice, and let’s get animating.