The Charity Learning Consortium

We all come from a range of different backgrounds, which helps us deliver something rather different compared to other eLearning providers. We’re proud of what we offer. What drives us is helping charities achieve real results for their staff and volunteers.

How we started
We started back in 2001 when eLearning wasn’t widely available to charities, it was just too expensive. Martin Baker knew charities needed to train their staff and volunteers while keeping their costs down. Hence he created the Charity Learning Consortium, bringing six founding members together to mutually fund and share resources.

Jump to today and we have an industry leading, bespoke learning management system (LMS), professional courseware and a community of L&D professionals sharing knowledge – all at a realistic price.

What makes us different
We don’t just provide you with an LMS and leave you to it. We give you a dedicated account manager and help set up everything you’ll need. You become a member of a community, with the opportunity to learn from others in the learning and development industry. We host an annual conference, regular meetings, online training, Q&As and webinars.