LAS Insights: the impact of COVID-19


What is LAS Insights?

LAS Insights investigates some of the BIG issues affecting work and learning. We dig deeper to uncover the implications for the workplace, for L&D, and for us all as individuals.

Join us and other industry experts to explore the megatrends around the pandemic and how these are fundamentally changing work and learning.

We’ll tackle those topics that make great keynotes, but that often leaves you thinking: ‘very interesting, but what does it mean for me?

Covid has already had far-reaching and complex impacts on humanity and there are more to come. In this first LAS Insights episode we’ll examine five megatrends that relate to work and learning (these are trends that have an effect on a global scale); what they are, their pre-covid direction, and how that’s changing.

We then extrapolate 3-5 years into the future to consider what it will likely mean for work and learning and what L&D will need to do to support this future. Then we rewind and identify the small steps L&D can take now to get on the right path.

We do this through research, expert interviews, a range of digital assets, carefully curated resources, videos, a podcast, and a live collaborative virtual event that brings it all together. Select the link to book the event for 25th November 2021.

You can find out more information  on our website page or follow LAS Learning on Twitter and LinkedIn