The eLN at the World of Learning Virtual Summit

The eLN is pleased to be supporting #WOL20, this year’s World of Learning Summit which, thanks to the pandemic, has gone virtual. The great news is it’s also free – you just need to register to gain access to the seminars, webinars and exhibition.
The eLN is delivering two sessions:

1) Wed 9th December 14:15pm – Jane Daly, Chief Insight Officer PeopleStar & People Who Know.

Evidence-informed Learning: Reboot your thinking 

It is no surprise that when we analyse successful, balanced and adaptive organisations, networks, teams and people, we find that being evidence-informed is a critical ingredient. It is also no surprise that failing to recognise, listen and act on the right evidence is at the heart of a lack of buy-in, success, traction, burnout, stress etc. Why then is L&D continuing to ignore the opportunity to become more evidence-informed and valuable

In this session Jane will look at simple and practical ways to reboot your thinking so that you can increase (and maybe even learn to love!) Evidence-Informed Learning: 

    • Discover simple ways to build your level of capability & confidence 
    • Learn how you can take practical steps to rapidly increase the value of learning 
    • Explore a live Case story – The eLN (eLearning Network) 
    • Create a commitment through the eyes of an Evidence-Informed L&D Professional 
2) Thursday 10th December 14:00pm – Gemma Wells and Jayne Davids, eLN Directors
The Benefits of mentoring 
‘Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.’
At the ELN we want to help people make connections with others within the industry that will benefit both parties. In our session we will look at some best practices when mentoring and share some experience from our members.
You can also check out the eLN’s exhibition stand and chat to members.