The Instructional Designer’s Notebook from LN Industry Partner, iSpring

Start Out in Instructional Design Easily with an Interactive ID’s Notebook

The eLearning market has become highly competitive. To land ID opportunities, applicants need to have a solid background in basic instructional design theory and course development. They also should know practical things, like how to create an eLearning portfolio and pass a job interview. If you’re just starting out in instructional design or want to deepen and broaden your knowledge and skillset, you’ll find everything you need in this notebook. Just follow the guide, check off the steps you’ve completed, and see how you get closer and closer to your dream job every single day.

This notebook is a collection of the most useful guides on becoming an instructional designer and creating eLearning content to facilitate every step on your eLearning trajectory. It includes lists of ID books, YouTube channels, and blogs; tips from top experts; interactive checklists.

Download this notebook to learn:

    • How to become an ID, step by step
    • How to build an online course
    • How to launch and manage an eLearning project
    • ID theory you should know
    • The secret of success in instructional design
      And more!