Using data to create meaningful learning experiences

At our recent eLN CONNECT Conference Elucidat’s Simon Greany talked about the usefulness of data while people are actually learning. It’s an interesting concept and one that is likely to gain ground in 2017. Simon Greany explains:

“While we know performance improvements are the name of the game, sometimes they can take a while to take effect. An increase in sales, shorter customer queue times, or improvements in productivity aren’t going to happen overnight. Plus, you need to give a long enough measurement window to know if your learning initiative has really worked.

What can you do right now to know if your project has made an impact? Easy. Track user data on your dashboards.

By keeping track, on a continual basis, of how learners are accessing and interacting with your learning, you can tweak your strategy to create meaningful learning experiences that help learners on their journey to those all-important performance improvements.

This data tells you whether learners are engaged. You’ll quickly be able to see where learners are dropping off so you can focus on improving poor performing areas. Your learning content is competing with a plethora of online information, social forums, and videos; make sure it’s engaging!

Authoring tools with inbuilt analytics – like Elucidat – provide you with the data to track and improve learning experiences so you can keep learners engaged and interested.

If you’re serious about improving performance and supporting employees who need to make that journey, you must be tracking and using data.”

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