There are so many tools out there today to build eLearning and sadly one tool doesn’t rule them all. Each has their own niche or focus where they excel whilst others struggle. Pick your tool and technology based on the content not just your current licenses and current experience – It’s an opportunity to grow!

  • How we make it Mint: We aren’t wedded to one eLearning development tool, we speak to our clients to understand both the content and their future plans to ensure we make the right choice before starting.


Like any training, you need to talk your audience’s language and the only way to do this is to involve them from the outset. Identify some power learners to represent your audience to ensure it’s as relevant and realistic to their world as possible.

  • How we make it Mint: We actively request from the outset to engage with and, if possible, involve the learning community the content is aimed at.


This is a factor of both when to launch and the frequency of a refresh or an update. Unlike classroom-based training you don’t have to get it all done in one blast, we have the luxury of spreading the learning experience over multiple phases, allowing learners to put things into practice before coming back to the next topic.

  • How we make it Mint: By taking advantage of the flexible nature of digital learning, we often break big modules up into smaller bitesize micro modules… allowing learners to graze the content rather than being force-fed it in one big feast.


Even when you work within a business different divisions or departments have their own tone or vibe. Getting this wrong by playing it too cool or equally too formal will turn your audience off, get to know how they communicate, and match the tone and style to that.

  • How we make it Mint: This is the hardest one to get right but by asking the right questions and connecting with your audience we can usually get the tone so it hits the mark.



1. Mint refers to something that is more than cool, such as awesome. Just like its usage in describing an item as being in mint condition, if you say that something is mint you are referring to it as being flawless or close to it.

Usage: “Have you seen that new eLearning on Crypto, it’s proper Mint!”

2. Mint is also the hottest new eLearning company on the block – No really, it does!

Usage: “That sounds like a tricky project – You need to give Mint a shout on that one”

And this is our mindset when starting any new project with a client, our new branding reflects our ability to do what we do (pretty damn well) and produce what we promise to our clients. Our team culture and spirit are incredibly strong and enhanced by the fact we all enjoy working together.

Since the pandemic, digital learning has become a much more in-demand service and sometimes we struggle to say yes to every request that comes through. That increase in demand has driven our growth plans. As we continue to expand the team, we aim to increase our ability to service more clients and keep saying yes!

We are now a team of 17 and busier than ever.

Not just another agency – We’re Mint!

We might be the new kids on the block, but we’re founded on over 20 years of experience in the digital learning space. We’re the result of two established eLearning agencies (CommsLearning and ThinkBiscuit) coming together and making things official!

Despite the name change and new office space, we are still the same great team!

That means we’re the same great people but working close and more efficiently as one, we give the same great service, focusing on you and your business, we offer the same great price through our new economies of scale and finally, we have a fresh new logo and brand – we think it’s ‘proper Mint!’ (as they say up North)

We work with our customers to create real change, build on their skills, and maximise the opportunities digital media offers them. We love solving learning challenges of all shapes and sizes, whether it’s re-imagining classroom courses for the digital world, creating content from scratch or implementing a company-wide Learning management system.

Projects we like to work on...

We are always interested in working with teams that share our values and passion for engaging and imaginative eLearning solutions. At Mint, collaboration is the key to our success and our people are our biggest asset! We are quick and effective communicators, ensuring we deliver projects on time and to a high standard.

We also get a real kick out of tight timescales, when you need that eLearning like yesterday…

So, it needs to be creative, seamless, mobile accessible, translated into 7 languages, and delivered to your learners in two weeks’ time? We got this!

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Working for a Mint Company

“I initially worked with Mint-Interactive as a freelancer and they were always one of my favorite clients, so when the opportunity for a more permanent senior position at the company came up, I was keen to join. I knew from prior experience working with them that they had a great working environment, a chill atmosphere, and a healthy portfolio of varied content. On top of all of that, the team is truly excellent here and I’m happy to be a part of it”.

  • Daniel Richardson, Senior eLearning Developer.

“I applied to work for Mint through a graduate internship scheme with Sunderland University. I knew instantly it was the right fit for me as the team was super supportive (and a bit weird). Fast forward 2.5 years and I’m lucky enough to be one of the senior members of the team, worked on some really creative projects, and met some lovely clients”.

  • Rosie McQueen, Senior eLearning Developer.

“I enjoy creating content that not only contributes to a greater learning experience but also presents me with the personal challenge of expanding on my own creative knowledge and know-how.”

  • Niall Hunter – eLearning Content Developer

“I love it when a course is based on complex subject matters”

  • Rachael Mordecai – eLearning Content Developer

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