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In collaboration with PeopleStar’s Jane Daly, we’re in the second year of our member discovery research. Last year we launched a longitudinal research study to our members and the wider L&D space to better understand the L&D community.

The insights helped inform and improve the LN’s proposition so we can better support our members and the L&D community as a whole, as we move towards becoming an evidence-based network.

The Study

The study captures data from multiple sources, one of which being a dedicated survey which we open again in January to help us capture the core challenges faced by the professional community, so we can identify and help address them. The survey closed on Friday 25th March and we’re reviewing the insights.

Exclusive webinar: “Rethink Cafe: eLearning and Professional Networks”

The study also plays host to a dedicated webinar co-presented by the eLN’s Research Director, Dr Hannah Gore and Peoplestar.

The follow up webinar will provide a platform for participants to rethink eLearning via the lens of a Professional Network. Through a variety of sessions and group work, the virtual session examined how a thriving professional Network enhanced the impact of eLearning. It also explored what impact a digital-first approach makes to workplace learning.

Jane Daly

The Supercharged Learning Professional - members' webinar, Thursday, 20th January

We gathered insights from multiple sources and set out to discover how Learning Professionals are riding the waves (or not!), and what’s now required to power this professional community as it drives workforce development to a very different future. As well as the key results and themes, the insights have revealed five essential elements that leading Learning Professionals integrate into their work and wellbeing to ‘supercharge’ their value and impact. These five elements act as guiding principles and we will reveal them as part of this exclusive session.

We also heard from Paula Hughes at BT, EE and Plusnet, who has not only utilised the self-assessment to supercharge herself, but also created and now leads her own ‘supercharged squad’ in her organisation!

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We’ll keep this page updated throughout the study with links to relevant content and information.

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