How to Demonstrate ROI with Learning Solutions Part One

When it comes to rolling out new learning solutions, it all starts swimmingly right? You’ve identified a knowledge gap – perhaps a course on mental health in the workplace – and you get a great attendance.

All trainees successfully complete the two-hour session and return glowing happy sheets, full of capitalised praise. But once everyone is back at work and just before the back patting ensues, you’re asked (by the COO no less) where’s the proof that it worked? What’s our return on investment?

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Anything is Possibl

Way back in 2012 Woodrow Mercer were a relatively new Recruitment Agency who had a primary focus in the Public Sector and Technology markets. During

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Speaking at the Learning Technologies conference

For some people, the thought of speaking at a conference fills them with dread! For others they seem to take to it like a duck to water. Jonathan Holmes hasn’t spoken at a public event for quite some time, so how did he feel when he was asked?

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