eLN Webinar: How to use stories to create immersive learning

Stories are woven into the fabric our daily lives. Whether it’s salacious gossip in the newspaper, a blockbuster movie that makes hundreds of millions worldwide or a best-selling novel read during a commute.

Stories fascinate, excite, and draw us into a world different than our own.

That’s all well and good for entertainment and relaxation, but how can you use stories in modern workplace learning?

This webinar aims to equip you with practical tools that will help you use stories to create immersive, active and memorable learning experiences.

In this webinar, Luke Merrick from Bolt Learning will share:
– Why stories are powerful learning tools
– How to harness the power of stories in formal learning
– High-tech and low-tech examples of stories in learning
– Tasks that give you the opportunity to try it for yourself

This webinar will have a hands-on approach, allowing you to practise applying some of the techniques and principles covered in a variety of scenarios.

Luke Merrick is Head of Learning at Bolt, based in Paisley in Scotland. On his LinkedIn profile he describes himself as follows: “Assassin of ignorance and killer of incompetence. My weapon is Learning.”

He has a track record in designing world-class eLearning and blended experiences for blue-chip companies, and is skilled in Learning Solutions, Performance Consulting, Strategic Planning, Public Speaking and Coaching.