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Join us for a trip down ‘memory lane’ as we investigate how learning happens through the lens of ASRI a model for Learning Design and Delivery.

In this session we will explore theories of motivation, cognitive load, perception, scheme, encoding, recall, learner agency and deliberate practice. Making the science of learning accessible.

About the speakers

Kurt Ewald Lindley

Be More Learning and Development

South African born, Yorkshire bred, owner of Be More Learning and Development Limited. Lover of learning and People Development.

He’s the publisher of the Learning Scientist Magazine, a social enterprise that brings together stories of people development across business, education, and performance sport. Holds a Masters in Psychology and has worked with some high profile organisations such as WADA, UK Sport, British Shooting, NHS Professionals and many more.

Laura Watkin

Head of Learning
Be More Learning and Development

Laura’s area of expertise is the science of learning and people development. She’s passionate about evidence-informed learning and the application of cognitive science and deliberate practice.

Along-side working as part of Be More Learning and Development Limited Laura is Principal Pedagogy Lead for the UK charity, Frontline. She’s responsible for the quality of teaching and learning across a suite of training and leadership programmes.

Having a PGCE and CIPD qualifications Laura brings experience of education, L&D and HR from working in a range of organisations, including privately owned global logistics, public sector enterprise, schools and graduate training organisations.