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eLN Interactive Webinar Series: Click next to continue? Tips and Tricks on strategy, marketing and development for e-learning freelancers and small agencies with Karlis Sprogis

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In this webinar, Karlis would like to share his personal and FasterCourse’s tips and tricks on how to be more efficient as a freelancer.  See below the topics Karlis will try to cover, and hopes this will be a discussion you are keen to contribute to:

2 things I include in every contract

Choosing authoring tool

Accessibility checklists

Do you really need mobile?

One decision maker

Clearly define review rounds

Our way of storyboarding

Nitty-gritty details: design tips and tricks from FasterCourse designers

Course building best practice when doing actual development work

Publishing and delivery: Scorm or xApi? If SCORM which one?

File naming for success

Stand on the shoulders of GIANTS: reuse / outsource efficiently as much as possible.

In this session, you will hopefully get an idea or two, how to make your e-learning course development more efficient and earn more, while not working more. Sounds too good to be true I know, but let’s see if that is possible.

From your presenter: Founder and CEO of FasterCourse, we try to create top-notch e-learning templates and products. I co-founded my first e-learning company in 2007, have been creating e-learning for almost 14 years. I like to build companies and products, I believe in good design, teamwork, win-win arrangements and long term relationships with all stake holders.
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Date & Time:

27 April 2021 @ 14:00 - 15:00 BST