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eLN Interactive Webinar Series: Human Centred Approach with Kim Touhy

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Curious about how you can become a better instructional designer and create more effective training? Human-centred design (HCD) puts the people you are designing for at the heart of the solution. It uses effective strategies from:
user experience
and heaps more.

Those that use the title “learning experience designer” tend to use HCD to differentiate themselves from “instructional designers”. It is important because it changes lives, improves behaviour and achieves learning objectives.
It is a repeatable process that you can learn and apply to every future project you work on.
This eLN webinar is human-centred, which means it’s purely driven by your needs through a Q&A format. Come with your questions, receive coaching support to help you extend your toolkit and become a better instructional designer.
Learn how to:
✔️ Identify the true problem that exists
✔️ Identify the needs of the people who are facing that problem
✔️ Experiment with possible solutions to solve the problem
✔️ Implement the solution that best meets the needs of the problem faced.
Human-centred design applied by instructional designers helps you:
✔️ Identify what your learners really care about so that you can speak to their motivation.
✔️ Identify the need to know information and what is nice to know so that you can craft a story that aligns to what your learner cares about.
✔️ Launch a solution that is contextual to the needs of your learners and your organisation/customer.
Hannah and Kim recommend reading “10 Strategies for Analysing Your Training Project” prior to the interactive session.

We help people develop, improve and grow to meet their future needs. From freelancers to in-house teams to agency owners, we exist to help instructional designers and eLearning developers like us live their ultimate lives, doing what they love in a fulfilling and effective way.
Click on the links for Kim and Hannah on LinkedIn and delve in to the Belvista Studios YouTube channel.

Date & Time:

24 February 2021 @ 11:00 - 12:00 GMT