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It seems like everyone’s talking about AI at the moment. But what is it really, and how can we use it for learning? In this informative and practical webinar, Make Real will outline and demonstrate the major AI platforms being used at the moment. They’ll also share a proof-of-concept they’ve been working on that uses emotional recognition AI, to support learners in having difficult conversations.

Expect an honest look at the benefits and challenges of bringing AI technology to your workflows and solutions, as Make Real answer these three questions:

  1. What are the main free AI tools and what are they like to use?
  2. How can AI tools and technologies be used by learners and learning teams?
  3. What is emotional recognition AI and what opportunities and challenges does it present?

About your hosts

Robin Scott
Robin Scott
Managing Director, Make Real

Robin is a founder and Managing director of Make Real. Following a degree in Electronic Imaging, Media Technology and Production, Robin spent time in the Simulation, Gaming and Web industries before turning his full focus onto immersive technologies.

With 16 years of agency experience under his belt, Robin has worked with many companies, from global corporates and consultancies to start-ups and everything in between, cutting through the hype and matching contemporary business and entertainment challenges with technologies that add value.

Sophie Costin
Director of Learning, Make Real

Sophie is the Director of Learning at Make Real. She has a proven track record of designing solutions that deliver real impact through behaviour change.

Over the last 10 years, she’s worked with some of the world’s largest companies to help them define their learning needs and then design solutions that surprise and delight. With a background in learning consultancy and design, over the years Sophie’s worked on award winning courses using immersive technologies, serious games, classroom/digital blends, drama video and animation.