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Join Tom McDowall, Chair of The Learning Network, host of Instructional Design Tips, and a product manager at Thrive, for a candid discussion on the dynamics of working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

In this one-hour session, we’ll delve into:

  1. The Role of SMEs: Understanding the different types of SMEs and their significance in instructional design.
  2. Building Social Capital: The essence of mutual support and relationship-building in the workplace.
  3. Communication & Understanding: Strategies for clear communication, defining roles, and grasping the motivations of SMEs.
  4. Project Management: Simplifying processes for SMEs and the importance of a clear project vision.
  5. Feedback & Reflection: The value of wrapping up projects with reviews, feedback collection, and retrospectives.

This session is all about discovering how a positive approach to SME relationships can benefit everyone involved. Drawing from real-world experiences, the insights shared are based on tried and tested approaches across various industries and organisations.

Join us for an engaging conversation and gain practical insights to enhance your collaboration with SMEs.

About the speaker

From sales and customer services to utilities, IT and some stuff that’s still secret, Tom’s stepped across industries with a single focus, helping organisations deliver by building performant workforces. In 2023, Tom stepped away from his consultancy, Evolve Learning Design, and became a product manager with Thrive.

He is currently the chairperson of The Learning Network and host of the Instructional Design Tips YouTube channel.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-mcdowall/

IDT: https://www.youtube.com/c/InstructionalDesignTips