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Join learning and performance strategist, Ross Stevenson, to discover how to unlock the power of your learning content. For the past 15 years, Ross has worked with enterprises, start-ups and scale-ups to develop leading tools, tactics and frameworks for L&D teams.

Now with the fabulous team at Filtered, Ross focuses his time on solving the content chaos conundrum. In this session, he’ll share the power of a content strategy in modern-day organisations.

  1. What is a Learning Content Strategy?
  2. Assessing Your Current Content Strategy Maturity
  3. How to Build a Learning Content Strategy to Supercharge Value for Organizations
  4. Best practices for developing a learning content strategy
  5. Q&A Session

Key takeaways

  1. The importance of content strategies in L&D.

  2. A framework to assess and grow your strategy.

  3. How to position this work to your internal leaders.

About your speaker

I’ve spent nearly two decades building world-class learning and performance functions for billion-dollar tech companies.

As a diversified learning and performance strategist, I focus on;

  • Designing digital-first learning content strategies.
  • Fusing marketing techniques to learning principles for maximum impact.
  • Building world-class digital content tools and templates. I specifically work with leading global organisations to develop tools and technology to improve performance.

I can be found sharing content for L&D pros at Steal These Thoughts! and working with the great team at Filtered to solve the most pressing content problems in the L&D world.