ARuVR is the first world’s Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (Extended Reality XR) learning solution for enterprises. Our suite of award-winning products enable in-house teams to quickly and easily create, distribute, analyse and manage both on-demand and instructor-led immersive, interactive training experiences – in order to develop new skills and better communicate and collaborate across the organisation.

With ARuVR you can deploy at scale any XR learning programmes and your audience can consume the immersive experiences through the channel of their choice – website, intranet, any Learning Management System (LMS) – and through any device – mobile, tablet, desktop and VR devices.

ARuVR has been trusted and deployed by top Fortune 500 companies and it has got over 1 million immersive users. Extended Reality is the ultimate evolution of training providing users and companies with amazing benefits and strong ROIs which no other technology can match them. ARuVR products has brought to live these benefits in a way which was never possible before.

•          Increase learning retention by 75%-90%

•          Reduce training time by 40% (53% than classroom and 33% than e-learning training)

•          Improve engagement rates by up to 95%

•          Reduce post-training error by 40%

•          Increase employee training satisfaction by 30%

•          Improve employee performance by 70%

•          Slash operational and travel costs by 69%

•          Reduce carbon footprint by 65%

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