Harrison Assessments

Harrison Assessments International helps your organisation make data driven decisions about how to Select, Develop, Lead and Engage your talent. All from one 25 minute SmartQuestionnaire that identifies individual’s behavioural tendencies, interests, preferences and expectations.

Established in 1990, we operate in 70 countries and 42 languages around the globe. Whether your organisation is large or small we provide you with direct access to the data to understand your people and impact your performance goals at the individual, team, department and organisational levels.

You receive your own SAAS online system to view and manage your employee data and generate reports. The deep data set (175 workplace traits measured) provides insight into Job Fit (with customisable Job Success Formulas), Behavioural Competency sets and Engagement drivers for each employee.

The Organisational Analytics solution allows you to easily visualise group data and identify opportunities across teams, departments or the entire company.

Use our API to integrate your new behavioural data with your existing HRIS and maximise your efficiency.

Harrison Assessments provides the tools and data you need to have the conversations that matter and to create an organisational culture that drives high performance, develops your leadership team, retains your key people and attracts new talent.

Contact us to experience the Harrison Assessment yourself with our complimentary demonstration.

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