Mentoring: Your skills matter

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With connections flowing all around us, it is often hard to sift through the noise and focus on what we need. As a new, developing, or transitioning member of the learning community, finding your way can be challenging. Because we may be working in non-traditional virtual spaces, established development programs may not be as available as they once were. As well, for those of us looking to give back, it may be difficult to know how to get started and which programs will match us in a way that will optimise our time.

The Learning Network is proud to continue its mentorship program. This program partners professionals to build skillset, strategy, and future success. Becoming a mentor allows you to give something back, be recognised for your achievement, and learn from mentees. When you are a mentee, you have access to experts who may not naturally be a part of your network and expand your knowledge and career trajectory. 

The process begins by filling out a quick form, which allows us to create a strong match. Our directors work to ensure that both parties will benefit from the partnership. Regardless of your position on the fence, this may be an ideal program for you. 

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