Shaping the future of L&D: the eLN launches exploratory research study

The eLearning Network (eLN) has launched a longitudinal research study to the wider L&D space to better understand and support the L&D community.

The independent study is being conducted in collaboration with Peoplestar’s Chief Insight Officer Jane Daly and collects data from multiple sources, one of which being a dedicated survey. The survey will help capture the core challenges faced by the professional community so the eLN can identify and help address them.

The insights from the research study will also help inform and improve the eLN’s offering, following a recent review of its services by the Board of Directors, and provide better to support its members as well as the wider L&D community.

Jane Daly, said:

“I’m absolutely delighted to create a partnership with the eLN with the aim of shaping their future proposition with an evidence-informed approach. Thriving networks are powerful and the most successful encourage a sense of belonging and connection that goes beyond transactional activities, and therefore demonstrates personal value. Networks are changing rapidly as the new world of work emerges, and the needs of the community become even more critical, ethical, diverse and inclusive. This independent study will offer a deeper understanding of the learning industry and what behaviours are propelling successful professionals.”

The survey is live and explores six key areas including Personas, Mindset and Mastery; it takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Asli Derya, eLN Director said:

“The Board and I are thrilled to partner with PeopleStar and launch this independent longitudinal study focusing on behavioural insights. Working with Jane is exciting, as is providing a platform to the L&D community so they can share their pain and pinch points. The insights we gain will help shape the future of L&D, not just for members but for the wider community – making a difference now and in the near future, particularly after the demanding year we’ve all experienced.”

Joan Keevill, eLN Chair added:

“The pandemic has massively disrupted the way people work and forced many of us to ‘pivot’ to digital. In the eLearning world, that has been our norm for some time, and we’ve been working hard to help others transition. This important in-depth study into the eLN’s membership and the wider L&D industry will provide us with evidence of the real challenges the community is facing, evidence we’ll use to shape our decisions on the best way to provide support to all.”

The study also plays host to a webinar co-presented by the eLN and Peoplestar. The 90-minute webinar provides a platform for participants to rethink eLearning via the lens of a Professional Network. Through a variety of sessions and group work, the virtual session will examine how a thriving professional Network enhances the impact of eLearning. It will also explore what impact a digital-first approach makes to workplace learning.

The survey closes on Friday, 26th February at 17:00 GMT UK and is open to members and non-members of the eLN.

The co-hosted webinar takes place on Wednesday, 17th February 14:30 – 16:00 GMT UK; registration is open, and places are limited. To discuss the research study in more detail, contact Asli Derya, eLN Director.

The eLN is a not-for-profit, Community Interest Company run by the eLearning community for the learning community. The eLN delivers guidance on best practice and future trends in technology-based learning and development at work, with hundreds of members in the UK and beyond. The eLN also manages the judging of the Learning Technologies Awards.

Jane Daly, Chief Insight Officer at Peoplestar, is an independent organisational development, coaching and learning strategist and analyst. Formerly Global Head of L&D at M&S, Jane has more than 20 years of experience working on all sides of the OD & learning profession, across all industries and sectors.