Great E-Learning Design Book from Articulate

Articulate excel when it comes to product support. In the early days of Articulate Presenter the tool was fairly basic and there were a number of competitors with similar feature sets so the guys at Articulate realised early on that if they were to stand out in the marketplace then they needed to help customers use it effectively. This support extended way beyond simply using the tool (the button pressing) and really helped those new to e-learning explore how great e-learning gets made. Today Tom Kuhlmann, Jeanette Brooks and David Anderson are stars in their own right because they have helped elevate Articulate and Storyline 2, to be the authoring tool of choice. When it comes to learning as content marketing Articulate are practitioners par excellence.

And now they have launched a great new e-book: ‘5 Highly Effective Strategies for Creating Engaging E-Learning‘ a great guide for those just getting started with developing e-learning or for those who already have some experience under their belt.

It’s broken down into five key sections (obviously) along the following lines:

How to Build a Compelling Visual Experience
A great introduction to the basics of good graphic design.

How to add Meaningful Interactions
A really useful overview of what constitutes a proper learning interaction

How to let Learners Pull Content
A wonderful exposition of the ‘in at the deep’ end approach with a great defence of the ‘don’t lock navigation’ ideology.

How to Engage more Senses with Video
Just some really useful practical stuff on making and incorporating video and screencasts.

How to Add Fun Gaming Elements
A useful (but quite short) section on gamification.

Download the FREE e-book here: 5 Highly Effective Strategies for Creating Engaging E-Learning